Saxophonist, sheng player, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gert Anklam

baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, overtone well whistle, sheng and other

The Berlin musician and composer Gert Anklam developed his iconic playing technique while experimenting with the possibilities of his baritone sax. The resulting sound is distinctive: minimalist but uninterrupted (through circular breathing) sequences create a full and polyphonic texture.

Anklam's interest in non-European musical cultures and non-traditional approaches to sound, have enriched and broadened the spectrum of his musical talents and projects. One of his most important sources of inspiration has been the fascinating musical world of Asia. He has played and studied the sheng, the Chinese mouth organ, for a number of years. In addition to live performances on such grand international stages as the Blue Note in Osaka, Columbia University and the U.N in New York, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Grahamstown Theatre festival in South Africa, the „Estival Santa Cruz” in Spain, and the Jazzfest in Berlin, he has also composed for radio and theatre productions and received numerous awards and bursaries.

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Gert Anklam plays baritone saxophone